My Future Career Path

1st February 2018


Hello lovelies,


So I started this blog in an ambition to share all aspects of my life with you so I figured I would actually start trying to make this blog personal and do exactly what I have set out to do. I want to not only be open with my readers but be able to offer support and advice for those who have similar or even very different goals to myself in life. I will be doing a   life update every Thursday and also upload another blog post on Sunday at 10am so follow along and suggest what you would like from me.

I write down how I feel alot, sometimes just on random pieces of paper dotted around my bedroom or sometimes more professionally in my journal. I think it is important to reflect on your thoughts and feelings to understand how far you have come and make plans for the future, and that is exactly what I’ve been doing with my career. This post is documenting myself becoming one step closer to a stage in my life – making decisions for the future. I am usually quite good at making decisions, but deciding what you want to do for the rest of your life is unpredictable, dont you think? Of cause, your grades are important but there is no way that you will be using algebra from your maths GCSE in the long term, I strongly believe school/college needs to teach you personal skills such as working in a team, the process of attending a meeting and managing money, as these are all the things we as human beings struggle with in the real world. A few years ago I wanted to have a creative career such as being a professional photographer or interior designer, but I have chosen nursing for many reasons that rise above all my other options. As many of you will know, the NHS nursing crisis has hit rock bottom (which I do have a large list of concerns for) but have no speculation that this will ever change my desire for what I want to do. More and more each day I am in admiration of the role that each and every nurse has in the patients care, and I am slowly beginning to accept that there may never be a day where we can gain a better healthcare system, so there is no point ignoring it. is my journey of my perceptions, views and theories behind choosing the right career for me.


Early on, I aspired to be an interior designer – something I always had an eye for and still love to this day. I wanted a career that would be fun and unique and it is still a very popular career aspiration for young individuals like myself today. I dreamed of inspiring people, working on projects and making an aesthetically pleasing environment for my clients to enjoy, but I was soon to realise this was a little too more complicated then I had anticipated. With that not being a successful choice I opted for something a little different – a photographer! The thought of photographing for my career was something I thought would be easy and enjoyable but not realising the competitveness really made me think again. I quickly found out that unless you are in high demand, skilful and wanted by the entire county (literally) then your money is limited and with the majority of photographers being self-employed, it poses risks to not only having a stable career but finding additional work without doing another qualification. I understood that I could or never will make a living from these careers, so decided that it is best off to take them up as a part-time hobby, something that I can develop over my life.

The reason to why I changed my mind is due to a number of reasons, but mainly down to one experience that I will never forget. Whilst, I have played role play ‘mummy’s and daddy’s’ for as long as I can remember *I have photos of myself around the age of one cradling a baby doll* I had never really thought of myself having a caring career until I was a patient at hospital myself as a child with a broken ankle! Around the age of ten I was at a leisure centre and was doing those cross ledgered sit downs on the trampoline (as it was really cool to show off your moves) and the next minute I heard a click beneath me and didn’t feel any pain for what felt like two minutes but was realistically 30 seconds then just remember screaming for my mum but it was one of my friends who got her in the end as she was at the other end of the centre. Then I was put on the stretcher by the ambulance crew being transferred to the ambulance. I just realised that it sounded very dramatic, it wasn’t but probably to my little self it was like I was dying! What happened: there was a heavy person on the trampoline and when I went to sit the weight imbalance caused my ankle to go into the wrong position and I had a fracture so have now got a tiny scar and a pin in it. Having an insight to being a patient in the hospital myself really drew me to the role that the nurses played.



I’ve been set on nursing ever since I chose my Health and Social Care BTEC Level 3 Nursing Diploma from September 2016, of which I am predicted good grades and feel hopeful that I will get into my chosen universities with them. Although, I have fear of weaving my way into this competitive course, I am proud that I have been putting my entire soul and commitment into getting to where I hope to be. Discovering new things about people’s health through the biology units, wellbeing through the social units and the overall care that I am going to give when I eventually become a registered nurse blows my mind and it is not a career, but a life achievement in itself. I am truly set on not only learning skills to be the best nurse possible, but being a university student and having the life that so many eighteen to nineteenth year olds embrace together and grant as an unforgettable time in their life. For anyone wondering, my university options are: UWE Bristol, Worcester, Cardiff, Surrey and Plymouth (of which I have not been accepted into but I have risen above this and it does not prevent me from fighting even harder) to Study a Children’s Nursing Degree BSc(Hons).

What nursing will give me is far more than any other career I can think of, occasionally I think of myself on a shift at work. I wonder what it must feel like to be experiencing happiness, laughter, blessings, rewards, energy, sadness, tears, devastation and exhaustion all in one shift at work. When I become a nurse I will feel that. I will be more stable in the long term and my love of caring for the future generation is unconditional. The true reality is I would like to make a difference to families lives, I would like to be a retired nurse with a good pension and I would like for my own family to be proud of me and remember me as a nurse. I look forward to updating you in the near future. Spread your wings into the world of university angels and never give up..


What is your dream career? What options are you considering? Do you like studying and learning? Or do you not? As that’s perfectly fine too!





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