DIY Suitcase


Hello lovelies,

So this is a vintage up-cylcying project I completed early this year and thought I would share how I did it. Unfortunately I do not have a before picture but after’s are down below. It was brought from a charity shop and was originally dark blue leather and very dirty and smelt inside.

Step 1 for your perfectly clean suitcase: Rinse out with warm soapy water and leave to dry overnight

Step 2: Buy some paint (the furniture one is usually good but not too thin otherwise you will have to do a lot of layers) and get a decent sized paintbrush

Step 3: PAINT! There’s really not that much else to say. I wouldn’t recommend a roller for this though as it drys patchy. I think I did around 2 or 3 coats of the paint letting it dry in between. Only paint around the edges of the inner suitcase as you will be putting the fabric here

Step 4: Measure the amount of fabric you will need. I already had this floral fabric in my sewing box leftover so did not need to buy but I would recommend 2 metres of fabric in total. Cut the fabric in a rectangle and place it in to ensure it fits. Make sure there is at least a 2cm seam allowance around the outside

Step 5: Use the sewing machine to sew a seam around each corner (4 in total) and some fabric may need adjusting to make it fit tightly whilst doing this. This needs to be done inside out then turn the fabric the right way out (sounds confusing but I promise it is easy when your looking at it yourself). Now create a seam around the top, again using straight stitch and I used white thread by the way

Step 6: Repeat the last two steps for the inside at the top of the suitcase

Step 7: Ask another person (it was my dad who helped) to use the glue gun whilst you hold the fabric in place or vise versa. Put the glue gun around the edge of the fabric and glue to the inner suitcase and there you have your super hand-made lining (I promise it doesn’t take you hundreds of hours). Don’t make my mistake of being slow so the glue dried in between doing these steps

Step 8: This is optional but to make the finished look vintage/retro nothing adds a better touch than a bit of sanding down. It’s so simple all you have to do is take some sand paper and a block of something and make the edges worn until you are happy with them – don’t over do it though as then it will rub off all the paint you’ve just waited for to dry

Step 9: Then decide what you will store in it. I put all my craft supplies for card making and jewellery in it and it sits on top of my wardrobe. Perfect storage solution and looks good. Ticks many boxes if you ask me!

Here’s some pictures of the finished product, and I hope you enjoyed finding out the sorts of things I like to up-cycle. 









Hello lovely friends, 

I would just like to introduce myself.. So my name is Safia Isabella Robinson but ever since I was young I have been known as Safie, Saf and Safarella (which my mum says), anyway I think you get it. I am 17 years young from England, live with an average sized family, have a cat called Mimi and one fish – the others died 😦  My reason for creating my space in this huge blogging community is that I want to express my thoughts, passions, things I get up to and more. So if your interested in fashion, travelling, photography, sewing, crafts, baking then I’m sure your my sort of person! I also love to read when I have time and absolutely adore babies and children (I know it may seem out of the blue but yeah) and I hope to be a child nurse in the future! But I have to admit I can’t promise any posts to do with makeup because I suck at it (it’s no joke) and you’ll probably hear me complaining about my skin quite a lot but that’s life.. By the way if anyone if reading this I applaud you because it’s probably really boring and pointless. I just thought instead of going in at the deep end I would slowly embark myself into this scary world of putting myself out there to the public. It’s not been easy growing up (I dreaded every moment of secondary school as I have always been the shy one and I suffer from social anxiety although it has improved over the past year now that I have started at college). I have started to accept myself more and socialising will always be my weakest link but I’m getting there guys. I want to post things that will help others and hopefully be able to make a difference, even if it’s just one individual out there who benefits. My biggest inspirations are everyone, I could go on and on but my favourite bloggers are Zoella, Tanya burr, Fashion Mumbler and I also like mummy/family blog’s too (a bit weird I know) but my fave’s have to be Charlotte Louise Taylor, Mummydaddyme, Dear Beautiful and Mrs Meldrum, but that’s not all. I am an even bigger fan of all the above who also have youtube channels, especially Zoe and Alfie’s vlog channels (LOVE, LOVE, LOVE) and they are the biggest inspirations ever! I also love to watch Beauty Spectrum (Molly), Jess and Gabriel, Slyfox Family (INCREDIBLE DAILY VLOGS – CHECK THEM OUT!!), Sophie Clough, Emily Canham, Hannah Renee Chats, ItsJudy’sLife, Sprinkleofglitter, Mimi Ikonn and so many more. They answered so many of my questions in life and have given simple answers to why everyday is so special.  I have not yet met any of these people because I am always so busy  – typical I know but what can you do? I hope to in the future though and go to summer in the city in 2018!! (again annoyed I can’t make it this year).

So I think I will end it there people as I would like my next post to be about something specific and also in each blog post I would like to leave you with a quote so this one is about blogging.


– Joe Sabah



Safie X